Vegas Pro Studios is comprised of six unique members with varying specialties and skill. When we receive a project, we will pick out the most suitable personnel to perform the task. Working as a team, we are more efficient, can provide better coverage, provide proofs quicker and maintain a higher level of quality than other studios with a one or two photographers. We are artists first, creators second, and photographers third. Listed below are our current team members, a short bio, duties, and achievements.

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More about Bir:

Bir "NatGeo" Azam


Azam a self-taught photographer. The main reason behind his photography is his country of origin, Bangladesh. He started photography to represent the beauty of Bangladesh through his culture, the people, and the breathtaking landscape.

Azam is a photographer first and tries to get the best out of his camera. He does his best to bring creativity in his work to make his photos unique and different. Photography became a passion from a hobby. It made the world more beautiful in his eyes. A simple thing or place seems like a beautiful art. It helped him to be diverse, it made him travel to new places and meet new people.

He uses a Canon 5D MK II which is a full framed camera and some top series lenses of Canon. He likes using natural light sources in my photos as much as I can. His photos have won several national and international awards; some of the work has been published in renowned magazines and websites, and exhibited in several exhibitions un the United States and Bangladesh.

Awards & Achievements:
1. First Prize Winner: Rain Forest Alliance Photography Contest 2008
2. Grand Prize Winner: Bangladeshi Photographer of the Year 2008
3. Grand Prize Winner: International Education Week Photo Contest, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2008.
4. Third Place: Rickshaw Photo Contest, Dhaka, 2009

1. Digital Photo Magazine, January/February Issue, 2010. Photo: Boatman &Sunset on River Padma.
2. Vagus Nerve, Spring 2010 Issue. Photo: Towards the Unknown.
3. National Geography Website, October 2009. Photo: On the Go.

Joe Bigornia

Videographer, Video Editor

Joe started his "filmaking" career in the early 90's. He has owned camcorder after camcorder always keeping up to date with the most latest models but always believes "it's not the camera but the person behind the camera that makes the magic". He has worked on projects with some well-known producers from Hollywood and is currently involved in a "Reality Show" to be shot here in Las Vegas. He is very "attention-to-detail" oriented and likes to make sure that his "work" be it videography or video editing is 110%. He has done extensive videography services for Major Casinos as well. Joe also has a video crew of his own in case more shooters are needed for upcoming projects.

Joe loves to spend time with his beautiful wife and his kids when not enjoying work.

More about Dhiman:

Dhiman C. Heerak


We are in a world where images prevail. It is a pleasure to appreciate art in the images and the effort of every photographers behind the images.

Dhiman generally works more in color, but likes black and white images as well. They are like apples & oranges. He tries to keep color simple, avoiding too many colors. But a good old fashioned black & white handmade archival print is priceless! Dhiman uses digital for practical reason and loves technology. But he miss the film and manual cameras - they were so enjoyable and feels so good.

He does love one more thing..... sleeping all day long. In a perfect life he thinks there should be only sunset.

So far life is beautiful! I don't know what is better. But he'd love to find out...

His best shot? not yet!

More about Fiaz:
Personal site

Fiaz Mir

Photographer, Business Development

'I believe every person in this universe has a lens - a unique lens - through which they see the world and that lens determines the meaning of everything that they encounter; people, places, experiences and even simple objects. And through my camera, I like to capture these special moments." - Fiaz.

Fiaz has always enjoyed taking pictures ever since he was a kid, but he took up "serious" photography in 2006 when he got his first DSLR camera. Hespecializes in taking pictures of sporting events wherehe has experience in covering the UNLV Rebels, Las Vegas Rugby and Las Vegas 51's games along with a lot of little league football, softball and soccer games. Besides sporting events, he also enjoys shooting product and portrait shots. Fiaz owns a Canon 40D camera along with a wide array of canon lenses.

Fiaz has been involved with Vegas Pro Studios (VPS) from its formative days as he has known all of the members for years. He believes that VPS is not only a group of photography enthusiasts but also a group of very close friends who encourage each other to become better photo-artists. Although Fiaz now currently lives in the Los Angeles area, where he is pursuing his MBA degree, he works very closely with the other VPS members in delivering quality products to their clients. He loves working with this group andalso assists with the business development and marketing plans of the company.

Besides photography & school, Fiaz enjoys traveling, hiking and football (Go Chicago Bears!). He considers creativity and innovation as the essentials tools for success for any individual, company or an organization. He has an undergraduate degree is in Architecture, a graduate degree in City Planning as well as an associate diploma in Photography as he likes to constantly keep learning and educating himself to become a better entrepreneur, photographer and above all a better person.

Pongky Nataatmaja

Photographer, Web Developer, Creative Director

Pongky has been shooting since the days of film in the early 1990's. His first camera was a 35mm Nikon N8008 and while those days of developing film cost more, it also made him more careful about camera settings and technique. Self-taught, Pongky would develop his then-hobby into the passion that drives him today. In 2002 he got his first digital camera and the love for photography was re-born. Four years later, he had his first DSLR, a Nikon D70, and never looked back. Over the years he is known to switch gear often and currently has settled on Canon with a EOS 5D and 1D Mark III paired with pro-quality glass. He firmly believes that it is the person behind the viewfinder that takes great pictures, and not the equipment, and loves to share his experiences and knowledge with other photographers and enthusiasts.

Pongky's philosophy is that a great photograph must first tell a story. This is what differentiates a good picture from a great picture. A picture might be technically and perfectly shot with the right composition and exposure, but a shot that tells a story will be more memorable and invoke emotions or feelings in those who view it. Pongky believes it's those shots that will be cherished and remembered most of all.

Pongky has a passion for shooting fast action-sports images, automotive, products and weddings. While these types of photography vary greatly in technique and challenges, he welcomes each opportunity to shoot to better himself. He is always looking for that "magical" shot that will stay in his (and the client's) mind for years to come. He has shot thousands of products, car magazine covers, numerous weddings, monster truck racing and college football games in Las Vegas. Also, he photographs community and fund-raising events as a free service, as he believes in giving back to society.

When Pongky is not shooting with a camera, he is busy developing kickass websites or interactive flash banners, spending time with my family and his 2 young children, playing tennis, ping pong, computer games, Wii, hunting for killer online deals or just whittling time away on his iPad.

More about Rabia:

Rabia Malik

Photographer, Production Artist

Rabia Malik is currently the Interactive Creative Director for face2face, managing social media and brand, product strategy, and design functions as well as a photographer for Her personal interests range from technology, design, and fashion to traveling, soccer, and photography. Rabia recently received a Masters in Design and Technology from Parsons the New School for Design.

During her schooling she participated in design competitions winning the 2009 International Nokia Mobile Game Design Competition for the game titled "Weekness." She also received the top prize for Play Station 3's "Little Big Planet" level building competition in 2008. Prior to her graduate education she worked as a producer for KVBC (NBC), KTNV (ABC), CBS, and BET as well as working for The Discovery Channel, Fear Factor and MTV.

Born in Lahore but growing up in Las Vegas, Rabia has always had global interests and has traveled extensively around the world with friends by her side and a camera around her neck, 23 countries to be exact. She currently resides in Miami with her husband and when not working, trains to defend her title as world champion in competitive napping. She hopes to one day design the opening ceremony for the future Summer Olympics.

More about Usman:

Usman Malik

Photographer, CFO, Production Artist

Early in life, Usman discovered that carrying his camera around made him popular among his peers. Many people love having their photo taken and Usman loved taking them. He photographed his first wedding at the age of 10 with a 35 mm film camera, a gift given to him by his grandmother. Of course, the wedding was his cousin's and he wasn't paid. This trend continued for another decade before he bought his first digital camera in 2000, the Olympus C-3030 (3.34 MP, 16 MB Smartmedia card). Most camera phones take higher resolution pictures now, but back then, Usman owned the highest quality consumer digital camera available in the market. This of course made him even more popular at family and friends' gatherings. Eventually, he stepped into the professional world of photography and met some amazing photographers. Soon after, many of his photographs were published in various magazines and local news publications.

Some of his photographer friends are now his business partners and as a team they have covered many events professionally including weddings, concerts and sporting events. Usman is constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries to capture amazing images. Even though he has traveled extensively and lived in many different places, Usman considers Las Vegas his hometown, where he moved with his family in 1992. In his spare time, Usman reads nerdy technology blogs, helps rescue stray cats and eats ice cream.

Always looking to make new friends, Usman likes to get to know new clients, as he believes taking pictures of friends is more intimate than taking pictures of clients.

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